All swim families please make sure you bring to the pool one case of the following for our snack bar:

10 and Unders - one case of bottled water

11 and Up - one case of iced tea, lemonade, sports drinks (Gatorade or Powerade), or flavored water

Please note we are not collecting soda this year...  

Thank you in advance - your generous donations helps propel the Barracuda program.


There are many opportunities to volunteer with the club, the league and with your swimmers!  Click here for the answer to how it takes the whole team to run a meet, dual or otherwise, so let a board member or coach know where you can help.  As you can see from the link, the number of people needed to run a meet is staggering, imagine the number it takes to run a team or a league - remember though the swimming competitive season for DUSO is July and August, preparations for each team, the league, and chamipionships are made year-round.  Our team and our league need you!  Let a board member or coach know of your interest in helping our organizations run - use any of the contacts on this website or that of the league -

Every meet has jobs that suit some folks better than others; inquire with your experienced swim families or the board members of the available jobs remaining that you can fill.  See a Board Member to sign up for the minimum three meet commitment per swim family if you have not already OR if you are interested in helping out some more!